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"A Love Letter to Coney Island" Got Us a Little Sentimental

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For anyone who was raised in New York, Coney Island has always held a special place in their heart. Subsequently, the Coney Island redevelopment proposals (some coming to fruition) have been something of an emotionally charged...ache. A dull, throbbing recognition that no place is really safe from the seemingly boundless reach of, let's not say gentrification, but rather something more of a metastasizing vision of a city where everything can be redone and made "better." Not better in the dictionary sense, but better in the way that a space has been maximally exhausted in the name of financially motivated progress. It's not illegal, it's not even wrong- it just kind of sucks for those of us who grew fond of the old place. For those who want to remember what it was always (to clarify, "what it was" meaning before the new/ landscape altering developments come), check out this video above, called "A Love Letter to Coney Island" by Land of Nod Inc. It's sentimental without being precious, and perfectly captures the magic and ethereal memories that define the place. All while capturing Coney Island in a moment of transition, touching on the past while reminding us of what's to come. (And a thanks to Gothamist for a heads up.)

· Land of Nod Inc.