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79 Horatio Street—Now With $4M More Bucolic-ness

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The rare Gottlieb property to appear for sale, 79 Horatio Street, is back on the market a little over a year after it was bought at auction by the executor of William Gottlieb's estate for $7 million (the ask was $8.5 million). The infamous property hoarder was loathe to ever let go of an address; and the momentary bobble of 79 Horatio from the hands of the family estate portfolio was enough to make make people sit up and take notice. Now, 79 Horatio is for sale again and the asking price has jumped $4 million, to $12.5 million. That will get you a 25'-wide, fully vacant, six-story, 6,750-square-foot townhouse just ready to be converted an "amazing 6 bedroom house with staff quarters on one of the finest West Village blocks." How fine is the block? So fine that the seller doesn't even need to show you the interior condition of the building—just some exterior pics of an old house with an increasingly overgrown bucolic front and back yard. We call that "machete ready."

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79 Horatio Street

79 Horatio Street, New York, NY 10014