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Two $1.8M Flatiron Condos Enter, Only One Can Leave

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Imagine you have $2,000,000 to spend on an apartment and you've narrowed it down to two very similar condos. How do you make up your mind? The answer is simple: you shove them into a metaphorical cage and let them battle it out until one emerges victorious. It's time for Real Estate Deathmatch. (Trying to decide between two place in real life? Send them in to the tipline and let everyone else decide for you.)

Address 225 Fifth Ave. 254 Park Ave. South
Price $1,875,000 $1,860,000
Square Footage 1,280 1,199
Beds, Baths 2, 2 2, 2
Floor 5th 3rd

225 Fifth has a slight edge in most categories: it's a little bigger, a little pricier, and a little higher up. It also, from the listing photos, appears to get a good deal more light and it boasts a very luxurious bathroom. 254 Park, on the other hand, features a lounge with a pool table and two poker tables, as well as more closet space and what looks like a slightly larger kitchen area. Now it's time for you to make the choice.

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