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Searching for The Next Seagram Building on Park Avenue

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Starchitects should be dusting off their resumes and polishing their portfolios, because a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is being presented to design a Park Avenue office tower that will sit amidst existing icons like The Seagram Building and Lever House. L&L Holding Company owns the current mostly occupied block-long pile at 425 Park Avenue that fills the avenue face all the way from 55th to 56th Street. The company wants to empty the building and build another tower for the ages, and is soliciting Pritzker-level architects like Norman Foster, Richard Rogers and Jean Nouvel to submit designs for a competition. L&L expects to spend almost three-quarters of a billion dollars to rebuild the address three-quarters from scratch. Any design will have to leave the bottom block-long 25% of the structure's massing in place, or a zoning law would require that the new structure would have to be shorter than the existing tower. The timeline from demo to completion is 2015-17. Vishaan Chakrabarti of Columbia University's Center for Urban Real Estate is directing the competition to select a designer for the next great midtown office tower. Who would you like to see helm this project? Let us know in the comments.
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425 Park Avenue

425 Park Avenue, New York, NY