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Warhol Muse's Old UES Penthouse Returns for $18.5 Million

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Andy Warhol muse Jane "Baby Jane" Holzer used to own a penthouse at the Upper East Side's Volney, which she sold for $14.1 million. The buyers decorated the place with pop art and then put it right back on the market for a hefty $23.5 million. PriceChops alone failed to sell the place, which means it's time to combine the chopper with another common trick of frustrated sellers: the broker switch. The penthouse is freshly listed with Town, asking $18.5 million. (The new listing doesn't have photos yet, so the ones above are from an old offering.) The maintenance will set a buyer back another?ouch?$11,422/month.

· Listing: 23 East 74th Street #PH [Town]
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