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Big Reveal: A 2BR Duplex in Chelsea for $2.75 Million

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Chelsea is a big neighborhood where values can vary widely depending on the section where a property is located. Therefore, we got a little more specific in the comments section, adding that this week's apartment was on 20th Street, east of 7th Avenue. If one was assuming that the building was along the High Line, the guesses came down. For those who correctly identified the building on that block, price guesses shot up. Overall the median guess for the 2BR/2.5BA duplex at 130 West 20th Street was $2.25 million, or almost 20% below the actual ask of $2.75 million. A lot of people were anticipating having to set aside large sums for redecorating the very specific-to-taste interior currently in place. One commenter seemed very upset about the not-oversized kitchen, saying it was "only good for reheating leftover take-out." To us, that seems like complaining about the lack of in-apartment garage space. Thanks for playing!
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