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Hindu Temple Will Become Luxury Rentals on Avenue B

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The two-story building at 96 Avenue B was once the home of a Hindu temple, but that can't preserve it from a fairly common fate: conversion to luxury rentals. (The temple moved out less than a year ago, to a new home in Astoria.) The building's owners have filed an application with the Department of Buildings to add two more floors to the building for a duplex apartment, the Local explains. "They're going to be high-end rentals, whatever that means," one of the building's owners, Armand Pierro, tells The Local. Hopefully the owners will figure out what it means before they get too much further in the process.

Additions like this one can sometimes provoke neighborhood animosity, but Pierro has a plan to deal with that: "I'll make it a point of putting the same fronting material on my building so it will look the same as the one next to it," he says. Satisfied, locals?
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