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Marine Company 1's New Pier 53 Firehouse Revealed

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Last we checked on the Marine Company 1 firehouse at the end of Pier 53, it was still rising. Now it's been completed, and Architectural Digest has a look at the space, designed by CR Studio. The FDNY set most of the requirements for the building's interiors, and the municipal budget set the rest, but the architects still had some room for creativity: "Handsome zinc cladding, in time, will weather to a lush patina. Windows are placed according to the requirements of the interior spaces, ranging from buoy storage to a fitness center, producing an asymmetry that appears not disjointed, but intriguing?.The west side, meanwhile, juts out over the river to catch light reflecting off the water, thereby reducing the need for artificial lighting indoors—one of several environmentally friendly design features." Click through for a look at the rest of the space.

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