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Hipster Anchor Pat Kiernan Goes Native with Bedford Buy

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With his too-straight-to-be-serious haircut, fondness for poutine, and slightly dorky Canadian accent, it's no wonder that NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan has become the patron broadcaster of the hipster community. Don't be surprised if a lot of breaking news in the near future includes stories on how bad the L train sucks and the importance of wearing the right-wrong stocking cap when riding your fixed gear bike around town, because Kiernan just bought a single family townhouse in Williamsburg—paying the unironic price of $2.0 million for the 4BR/2.5BA home at 135 Bedford Avenue at North 9th Street. The 2,600-square-foot townhouse has eight rooms, including a media room (no doubt!), where Pat can peruse today's papers, and a back garden. Kiernan is moving from the Upper West Side, where he protested the addition of a proposed "Sliver" Tower to his neighborhood last year. Thanks goodness he'll see none of that sort of runaway development in the 'Burg!

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135 Bedford Avenue

135 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY