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$21 Million Abingdon Penthouse Already Has a Buyer

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A successful opening gambit by the Abingdon, it seems. The former West Village nursing home at 320 West 12th Street put its penthouses on the market a month ago for some brain-scrambling prices: $19.5 million and $21 million. (The 10-unit building should be done by the end of the year.) And that was for raw space, to give early buyers the opportunity to customize. Which apparently one buyer wanted to do, because the $21 million penthouse is in contract. This means we'll probably never see a floorplan, but we know the space is 5,574 square feet with 1,400 square feet of outdoor space.

There's no word on the final sale price yet, but given how quickly the unit went into contract, we're guessing it must be fairly close to the asking price. Which is a notable one for the neighborhood?the only pricier condo in the West Village right now is the 14th floor at Superior Ink.
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The Abingdon

607 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014