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From Dorms to Start-Ups for Long Island City Pile

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New plans are afoot for the hulking vacant structure at 30-30 Northern Boulevard, north of Queens Plaza and tucked between the rail yards and the point where the elevated subway tracks veer up 31st Street. There were plans for hundreds of dorm rooms and then a satellite college campus, but the building was recently purchased by Alma Realty for $21.5 million and the company plans to turn what is now a concrete shell into a LEED Gold Certified commercial complex that it hopes to fill with high-tech firms. Alma Realty Project Director George Valiotis told the Daily News that a satellite campus is still in the cards for the site, and plans include classrooms, an amphitheater, and a museum. Anything goes for this concrete colossus that most recently housed a strip club.
· Long Island City developer to build 7-story commercial complex at 30-30 Northern Blvd. [NYDN]