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Is Boerum Hill Ready for a $4 Million Townhouse Sale?

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Though some out there may deny that State Street is technically in Boerum Hill (as natives, we say it is), it's hard to deny that State Street between Hoyt and Smith has seen the biggest sales in the area. The contemporary 267 State Street sold for $3,400,000 about a year ago, but 314 State, across the street, wants to top even that sale price. It's bigger at 5,000 square feet as opposed to 4,200. It's wider at 25' versus 17' (a big factor, in our opinion), and it's as traditional as a brownstone can get. The asking? Just shy of $4 million, at $3,975,000. We would typically say that the house is aiming high, but the townhouse market in brownstone Brooklyn is on fire lately. Even though it's laid out as a triplex over garden rental, a conversion wouldn't be much of a problem. And the kitchen is a little mismatched. Aside from those flaws, pretty perfect.

· Listing: 314 State Street [BHS]