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Bread & Butter Politics: Senior Centers and Filling Potholes

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NYC—Mayor Bloomberg and Department for the Aging Commissioner Lilliam Barrios-Paoli today announced that the City's first eight Innovative Senior Centers are now open for the City's senior population. "We have charged our new senior center models with not simply expanding their programs and services, but with re-imagining centers for the 21st century senior," said Bloomberg. Some of the new programs and services that the city's Innovative Senior Centers offer include LGBT programming and Tele-Health kiosks to help members monitor their own health. [Curbedwire Inbox]

CHINATOWN—The Department of Transportation will begin work this week to repair ponding conditions around Chinatown. As outlined in a report released by the office of Sen. Daniel Squadron last year, ponding is a street-curb condition where pools of water persist for some time after a rainstorm. Squadron's report identified 93 unique ponding conditions around Chinatown 48 hours after a rainfall. The DOT is milling and resurfacing Mulberry Street between Worth Street and Bleecker Street, and Baxter Street between Worth Street and Grand Street to reduce the problem. [Curbedwire Inbox]