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Piece of Vinegar Row Building Boom Finally Hits the Market

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Location: 185 York Street in Dumbo/Vinegar Hill
Size: 16 units
Prices: $375,000 to $845,000
Developer: We don't know!
Sales & Marketing: Corcoran

Back in 2008, 185 York was but an arrow on the map of Dumbo/Vinegar Hill's condo boom. Today, finally, it's an on-sale building (one we'd place fairly firmly on the Vinegar Hill side of the neighborhood line). Prices range from $375,000 for the smallest 1BR to $845,000 for the largest (1,205 square feet) 2BR. Amenities include FHA financing, a 15-year tax abatement, parking, private outdoor space, and the somewhat disturbingly-labeled "large personal storage cages." Floorplans, photos in the gallery above.
· Official site: 185 York []
· CurbedWire: Building Boom on Vinegar Row [Curbed]

185 York

185 York Street, Brooklyn, NY