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City Wins On-Ramp Round at Willets Point

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The Federal Highway Administration just steamrolled the most significant hurdle Willets Point's remaining property owners erected to the takeover of their little triangle of Queens. The FHA reported that the addition of ramps to the Van Wyck Expressway would have no significant impact on the surrounding areas. Megaproject opponents were hoping that the denial of approval for the highway on/off ramps would scuttle the city's plans, Phase I of which includes the construction of 680,000 square feet of retail shopping space and 400 units of residential building.

Willets Point United, the group most vocal in its opposition to the redevelopment of Queens' "Iron Triangle", called the FHA's decision "ass-backwards" and said that it would be up to the courts "to put the feds in their place." The group is also eager to see Rep. Joseph Crowley voted out of office in November for his concerted work to get the FHA's greenlight on the ramps and move the Willets Point project forward.
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