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Subway Series: A Yankees vs. Mets Real Estate Showdown

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Opening Day is almost here! And by "almost here," we mean it already happened. Did you know about this thing they do now where two west coast teams sneak off to Japan and play the first baseball game of the season while you're asleep one night? It's very odd. But anyway, real Opening Day is almost here, and in honor of the impending baseball season, we're pitting Yankees vs. Mets in a battle of NYC real estate. Considering the state of the Mets, this is the closest we're going to get to another Subway Series for quite some time.
Battle of the Faces of the Franchise:

Derek Jeter David Wright
Price: $20,000,000 $6,250,000
Location: Midtown East Flatiron
Square Footage: 5,425 4,100
Notable Features: 16-foot windows Salt-water aquarium
Commute Time: 20 minutes 35 minutes

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David Wright's apartment is sort of like a microcosm of the entire Mets organization. It has a lot of nice individual parts, but somehow they just can't manage to put themselves together in a way that makes anyone want to have anything to do with it. Jeter's Trump World Tower apartment, meanwhile, was put on the market in 2010 but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. He gets extra points for renting a different apartment in the same building for $15k/month due to construction noise, the layout is nice, and the views are amazing, but—ah, what the heck—we're giving this one to Wright. He really seems like he needs it.

Battle of the Injury-Plagued Superstars:

A-Rod Johan Santana
Price: $5,500,000 just over $3,000,000
Location: Upper West Side Upper East Side
Square Footage: 3,600 1,956
Notable Features: Warhol prints of Marilyn Monroe, Centaur portraits Virtual golf course
Commute Time: 18 minutes 18 minutes

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A-Rod doesn't actually live in the Rushmore anymore—it's simply his last-known address—and the speculation is that he only bought the apartment in the first place in some sort of shady marketing deal. Johan bought his apartment in 2008 and is presumably still living there, but after looking at the floorplan in the Rushmore, we're still compelled to go with A-Rod.

Battle of the Catchers:

Jorge Posada Mike Piazza
Price: $11,500,000 $4,580,000
Location: Upper East Side Tribeca
Square Footage 5,600 6,000
Notable Features: Library, media room, marble bath "Muscular and voluminous!"
Commute Time: n/a n/a

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Yes, they're both retired, but as it happens, a surprising number of current Yankees live in New Jersey (booo) and, let's face it, none of the other Mets are high-profile enough to compete. Do you know where Lucas Duda lives? Even Lucas Duda doesn't know where Lucas Duda lives. (We really just want to type Lucas Duda as many times as we can.) Anyway, we're going with Posada (who also recently put his place on the market) on this one based on the fact that Piazza's place looks like a warehouse and is now occupied by Jeremy Piven.

Battle of the Ex-Player Commentators

David Cone Keith Hernandez
Price: $3,767,525 $2,100,000
Location: Upper East Side Turtle Bay
Square Footage: 2,350 2,000
Notable Features: David Cone lives there 28th floor
Commute Time: 23 minutes n/a

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First off, props to the Yankees for having the more expensive apartment in each of the four match-ups. Very Yankees of you. Well done, guys. Cone bought his 4BR, 3.5BA in the Lucida about a year ago. Hernandez sold his Sterling Plaza pied-a-terre in 2006 and now lives in New Jersey, so Cone wins this one basically by default for being, apparently, the only baseball player past or present to want to live in Manhattan.
?Jeremiah Budin
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The Lucida

151 East 85th Street, New York, NY 10028

24 East 21st Street

24 East 21st Street, New York, NY

The Rushmore Condominium

80 riverside boulevard, new york, ny 10069-0318

The Seville

22 East 29th Street, Manhattan, NY 10016 Visit Website

Trump World Tower

327 E 47th St, New York, NY 10017