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Soho Loft With Ghost Connection on Market for $9.5M

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Remember that scene in Ghost, where Sam and Molly are having their intense sexual-spirital reunion at the pottery romantic. We wonder what the downstairs neighbors were doing at that exact moment. And only bring it up because the apartment below the one fictionally featured in the movie at 102 Prince Street is on the market for $9.5 million after an extensive renovation by Etienne Coffinier + Ed Ku that got Unit 2 listed in the Best of 2011 issue of Interiors magazine. The 4,500 square foot 3BR/3.5BA apart features radiant heat floors throughout and 14 foot ceilings supported by fluted cast iron columns. There's also a library, a full dining room, a media room, and eat-in kitchen. The only thing that could hurt this property is if the upstairs neighbor was some unhinged Ghost fan who stayed up late night after night, blasting the Righteous Brothers and waiting for the ghost of Patrick Swayze to make an appearance like he did in the movie.

· 102 Prince Street - Unit 2 [KellerWilliams]