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Old Ratner's-Owned Site to Become 44,000-Square-Foot Condo

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A Norfolk Street site that used to hold the offices and refrigerators for Ratner's will soon be home to a condo building of up to 44,000 square feet in size, according to Crain's. Ratner's closed in 2002, and the 100 Norfolk Street lot that held the restaurant's offices has faced a number of possible futures in the years since. One potential buyer failed to find financing, another planned to put up a hotel, and the place only recently sold for $8.8 million in cash. The new owner is Urban-Scape.

How did Urban-Scape figure out a way to get this property where so many others had failed? The developer found a way to work around the building height limit of 120 feet set by a 2008 rezoning. Urban-Scape owns some adjoining lots and was able to transfer air rights to 100 Norfolk (former site of the sales office for Blue, as it happens). Not exactly the kind of strategy neighbors like to hear about.
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