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Does No One Party Anymore? Top-Floor Fun Castle Not Moving

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We thought the high-end market was supposed to be hot, but the inability of this former almost-$20 million party penthouse to catch some multi-millionaire or billionaire's eye makes us question everything. Isn't there an oligarch out there with a Bro-tastic son in need of a college graduation present? If yes, we're pointing to 6,265 square feet on East 87th Street, because #RPH1ABC has got as many insane amenities as the apartment has alpha-numerics and it just got pricechopped again to $14.8 million. There's a gallery, and then a galleria with a bar, a library, three bedrooms and a guest residence, 14 foot ceilings, and lots of outdoor space for lounging and cookouts. If you are interested in the more staid aspects of the residence, there is restored antique wood paneling by Crowther of Syon Lodge in London in the library and antique terra cotta flooring from France in the kitchen.

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120 East 87th Street

120 East 87th Street, New York, NY 10128