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Who Knew Grandma Loved Loft Living So Very Very Much?

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Usually, the most dowdy old-timer decor is found in stuffy Upper East Side co-ops. Not so in the case of this Chelsea loft, at 130 West 17th Street. Situated not far from the youthy scene in MePa, this fourth-floor loft is done up in a grandmotherly style, with plenty of brown wood furniture, chintzy artwork, coo-coo clocks, a bidet, and a grand piano. Look past the furnishings to find a spacious loft in dire need of a gut and remodel, but one that might leave grandma with a nice nest egg to pass along to her grandchildren. The three-bed, two-bath space, lacking both a floor plan and a listed square footage, is asking $3.15M. For a look at what this could become, take a look at the modern version on the ninth floor that just sold for $3M.
· 130 West 17th Street [Streeteasy]