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$34.5 Million Trump Penthouse Now Just $19.8 Million

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If there's a superbroker of the hour, it might be Kyle Blackmon, who sold the $88 million penthouse at 15 Central Park West and also has NYC's newest most expensive listing, a $77.5M duplex at 50 Central Park South. So it's not surprising to see other high-profile NYC listings switch over to Blackmon. What is surprising about the re-listing of this Trump World Tower penthouse is the new price, $19.8 million. Until late March, the property was listed with Elliman superbroker Dolly Lenz, with a starting price tag of $34.5 million. That got chopped all the way down to $24.9 million before the switch. The new price seems a little more reasonable?at least, it's in line with the most recent ask on Jeter's place downstairs?but the monthly fees are, alas, still $19,374.

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Trump World Tower

327 E 47th St, New York, NY 10017