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Seeing Signs at The Wythe Hotel; Zoning Rebuttals

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WILLIAMSBURG—Signage goes up on the side of the Wythe Hotel today. It does light up at night. If you happen to snap a good nighttime pic of the vertical HOTEL, please send it to our Tips line. [Curbedwire Inbox]

UPPER WEST SIDE—Not everyone was happy with Scott Stringer's recommendation that new zoning regulations for commercial spaces on the UWS get passed. The Real Estate Board of NY countered:
“It is hard to imagine a more flawed policy than this one which replaces measuring storefronts for an economic stimulus. Current retailers that have helped define the Upper West Side’s character for generations will be unable to expand or relocate, thereby placing these beloved shops on the endangered list. Market conditions, and not a government bureaucracy, should determine where tenants locate.” As did Nancy Ploeger, president, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce:
"City Planning's proposed retail rezoning is the death knell for growing small businesses on the Upper West Side. Too bad the Borough President wasn't willing to take a stand for small businesses. Unfortunately it seems pretty clear this idea is already spreading to other neighborhoods."
[Curbedwire Inbox]

Wythe Hotel

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