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Big Reveal: A 2BR Duplex in Park Slope for $1.895M

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This week's Pricespotter guessers were not going to be bedazzled by the neighborhood (Park Slope) or words like "duplex." The median guess of $1.675 million was about 12% the actual current asking price of $1.895 million for a 2BR/2BA/2FL condo less than a block from Prospect Park. What we identified as "flexibility" in layout, others considered less favorably.

"Bizarre warren of rooms in that floor plan. Which is the 3 rooms on that lower floor is the 2nd bedroom?" "Unfortunately it's challenging to get a really great floorplan when buildings like this are chopped up into apartments."

"In short, decorated well, nice yard, great location. Not a great floorplan. Still, because of location I'll guess $1.7"

That last quote was the general consensus opinion and the closest figure to the median of all our guesses. Thanks for playing!
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