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A Room For Every Hour of The Day on Park Avenue

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When pulling under the triple Gothic archways and into the courtyard circular driveway of a building as grand as 1185 Park Avenue, one would be forgiven if thinking the building had given up all of its wow factor before your chauffeur opened the door and carried your bags into the lobby. Some of that jaw-dropping feeling, however, is reserved within the many walls of combination unit #8CDE's 23 rooms, which include nine bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. How does one fill 23 rooms? It helps by having multiple versions of everything, and not just bedrooms. Consult the insane floor plan (after the jump) and you can see what it loos like. The breakdown: bedrooms (9), living rooms (2), dining rooms (2), galleries (2), Kitchens (2; 1 regular, 1 EIK), family/breakfast room (1), library (1), den (1), maid's room (1), pantry (1) and dressing rooms (2). Obviously any buyer may want to reconfigure to suit his or her dining, dressing, living, eating, sleeping, reading needs.

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1185 is a pre-war building located on Park Avenue between 93rd and 94th Streets in Carnegie Hill. The massive building features six different lobbies to welcome residents to its 15 floors and is structured so that each elevator serves only two apartments. The brokerbabble on #8CDE:

This absolutely beautiful, prewar residence has gracious rooms, exceptional light and an elegant flow the result of being thoughtfully and tastefully combined. While this superlative home has features too numerous to list, the following is a start; stone floors, panelled doors, deeply carved moldings, proper wainscoting and elegantly panelled beams. The artistry of the millwork was created by master craftsmen.
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1185 Park Avenue

1185 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10128