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In a Converted Synagogue, A Walkup Penthouse That Wows

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Calling a top-floor apartment in a walk-up a "penthouse" is a little ridiculous, but in the case of this looker of a duplex loft on Rivington near Ludlow it might be allowed, seeing as the place still manages to impress, thanks to its towering ceilings, a wall of windows, and a pair of private terraces. One of two residential units in the converted synagogue at 95 Rivington Street, this apartment might only be suited for rich club kids, given the location and the nighttime noise that comes along with it, and at $9,000 per month, any renter will be making an expensive commitment to a two-story walk-up. That said, this could be a perfect party pad for an able-bodied PYT. Measuring 2,200 square feet, the sleek space contains just one bedroom and one bath, leaving plenty of space for entertainment.
· 95 Rivington Street [Streeteasy]