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Park Slope Getting Shiny, Solar-Powered Rental Building

Coming this summer to Fifth Avenue and Fifth Street in Park Slope: a rental building with rooftop solar panels and a wind turbine. It will probably look something like the shiny condo at right, which alternative energy company Voltaic Solaire?the folks behind the future Slope building?put up in Red Hook. So far, according to the Brooklyn Paper's brief survey of neighborhood preservationists, locals aren't even objecting to the futuristic building's placement on Fifth Avenue, which, said one, "could be a place that integrates old and new."

So how much will it cost to rent in this land of peaceful coexistence? The six units will be asking between $1,600/month and $2,600/month, and all heat and electricity will be generated at the building. That goes for the proposed bar, lounge, and restaurant on the ground floor, too. Anyone seen renderings? We'd love a look.
· New Slope building to be powered solely by sun, wind [BK Paper]