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Tommy Hilfiger Considering Short Move from Plaza to One57?

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With some of the highest-priced apartments in the city—before they've even been built—it's unlikely that Tommy Hilfiger is going to find any epic flip candidates at One57, but the fashion icon was recently spotted at the sales office of the Christian de Pontzamparc-designed tower on 57th Street. Is he looking to ditch his Plaza palace to rub elbows with the kind of people willing to drop nine figures on a city residence? Penthouses at the building are on the market for $98.5 million and $110 million, and buyers have recently picked up full-floor apartments, according to the Post. Hilfiger once tried to flip his $25 million duplex at the Plaza for $50 million, but has since turned the duplex into a custom-made home for he and his wife and their art, including 20 pieces by Warhol. We know that One57 will have some sky-high views of the park when it's completed, but can they compare with having one of the only rooftop terraces at the Plaza? Or maybe the swanky sales office at One57 is just the kind of place where a man like Tommy Hilfiger likes to hang out.
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