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NYC's Biggest Outdoor Spaces Asking Under $1 Million

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While the price of an apartment pretty much directly correlates to its square footage, the pricing of accompanying outdoor spaces can be tricky and confusing. According to Professor Curbed, outdoor space is generally priced at 25 to 50 percent of the value of the indoor space. Of course, there are other factors that weigh into that pricing, the upshot of which is that it's sometimes possible to land a decent amount of outdoor space for a relatively cheap price. To demonstrate, we've compiled a list of some of the best outdoor spaces available in apartments that are on the market for under $1,000,000.

Address: 1 Quincy Street #1B (above)
Price: $499,000
Outdoor space: 400 square feet

Although it's bordered on at least one side by a rather unsightly brick building, 400 square feet is relatively enormous for a garden, even outside of Manhattan, and a very high fence protects against vegetable thieves assuming that vegetable thievery is a thing that exists.

Address: 207 East 74th Street #1D
Price: $589,000
Outdoor space: 225 square feet

This Upper East Side co-op is very small, but it does offer a red-tiled patio that's bigger than any one room in the apartment. That fence looks a little flimsy, though.

Address: 529 Court Street #PH4
Price: $775,000
Outdoor space: 520 square feet

Although this Carroll Gardens condo claims to have both a deck and a garden, there is nothing green to be found in the listing's only outdoor picture, so we'll just have to take their word for it and assume that whoever took the picture was standing in front of the part where living things could grow. Despite the deck's bland grayness, 520 square feet is huge.

Address: 160 East 26th Street
Price: $699,000
Outdoor space: 300 square feet

This Gramercy triplex co-op boasts a 300 square foot private roof deck (the best kind of outdoor space) with lots of planted-things.

Address: 392 14th Street #1A
Price: $575,000
Outdoor space: 500 square feet

The relatively enormous backyard of this Park Slope condo features a wood deck with a "unique custom painted mural designed by two local artists." It doesn't look like they designed it all that hard.

Address: 440 East 57th Street #19C
Price: $799,000
Outdoor space: 400 square feet

The listing photo leaves something to be desired, but the deck of this Midtown East co-op appears to be quite secluded and is, according to the description, "large enough to accommodate a nice collection of friends or family."

Address: 1438 Third Avenue #2A
Price: $899,000
Outdoor space: 364 square feet

This Third Avenue condo boasts a very long wooden deck, which faces westward for maximum sunset-viewing.

Address: 815 Greenwich St., 1A
Price: $800,000
Outdoor space: 1,500 square feet

DNA info's Open House Insider recently visited this West Village apartment which takes the cake with a 1,500 square foot backyard/garden. Can't beat that.
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