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Welcome Back Seaport: Return of The Fish Mongers

After more than 300 continuous years as a gathering place for fishermen and other food vendors to gather and sell their stock to Manhattan's populace, it shouldn't come as a surprise that some would return to sell their seafood, produce, cheese, and breads on South Street even after the Fulton Fish Market formally moved its operations to the Bronx seven years ago. The New Amsterdam Market is an organization committed to preserving the old Fulton Fish Market structures as a venue for commercial food vending. Organizers plan and host market gatherings beneath the elevated FDR Drive, while "the historic market sheds are victims of a kind of planned forgetfulness, lost in bureaucratic limbo that could lead to outright abandonment at best, eventual demolition at worst." Is there an opportunity for adaptive reuse of the existing Fulton Fish Market structures as a commercial food venue, even while Howard Hughes Corp is on the verge of remaking Pier 17 at South Street into a high-end retailer and open air concert venue?
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Pier 17

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