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UES's The Laurel Sells $23M, Debuts New Model Unit

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[Photos by Evan Joseph.]

The Upper East Side's The Laurel, at 400 East 67th Street, made First Avenue's biggest sale ever last summer when the penthouse closed for $11.025 million. Sales have been chugging along in the building since then, and The Laurel's now 80 percent sold. To get through that last 20 percent, the developers brought in designer Eric Cohler?who also had a hand in this Chelsea townhouse's design?to do a new 2BR, 3BA model unit. Take a look in the gallery above.
The building sold more than $23 million worth of apartments in February, so we headed over to StreetEasy to see exactly what the developers unloaded. Seven sales closed, at 3.2 percent to 10 percent off their asking prices. Here's the full array:

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