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New Rental Building's Name Stands Out and Up

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A new boutique rental building at 431 West 37th Street in Manhattan has a name that really stands out from the crowd and screams "Look at me!" It's the Mantena, which one tipster pointed out to us is slang—rhymes with "antenna"—for an erection. Since the O.E.D. is silent on this matter, we went to our backup reference guide the Urban Dictionary and it confirmed:

1. mantenna
a man's penis, specifically in the erect position

My mantenna is detecting some estrogen in the area, so I should follow it to find the girl of my dreams.As illustrated above, we believe that there is an elegant solution to this unfortunate naming situation. Hire esteemed actor Joe Mantegna as the public face of the building's initial leasing campaign. Within a year everyone will be pronouncing 431 West 37th Street like the actor's name with a palatal n sound, instead of the double-n pronunciation rhyming with antenna. Plus, who wouldn't want to rent an apartment from Fat Tony?
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West 37th Street, New York, NY 10018