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Head of Dakota's Co-op Board Wants Out for $29.6 Million

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Today's big story out of the Dakota comes to us in pieces. The Times has a lavish description of the building's latest listing, for a 3BR, 3BA asking $29.6 million. The Post reports that the head of the building's co-op board is leaving the city and wants to downsize his real estate holdings. Daily Intel comes to the entirely logical conclusion that the "very private person" who owns the apartment described in the Times is none other than co-op board head and former hedge funder Bruce Barnes. Above, a look at Barnes's place. He's gone for the original 1884 style?with the approval of an aesthetics committee we're not at all surprised to learn the building has. (In fact, the building keeps a storage room for any original doors or fireplace mantels that residents remove, because they're forbidden to throw them away.)
Barnes's quotes to the Times about his fellow building residents are glowing?the sorts of things we'd expect a co-op board head to say. But a source speculates to the Post that building drama is precisely the reason Barnes wants out. According to that source, it all goes back to the lawsuit filed by Alphonse Fletcher Jr. last year, in which Fletcher accused the board of denying his request to purchase the apartment next to his as part of a building pattern of mistreatment of minorities. The apartment in question has since sold for $5.45 million. But perhaps the drama didn't end with the closing.
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