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TF Cornerstone Adds to East Coast of LIC with 4615 Center Blvd.

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Parties: We like them! Invite us to yours!

The Event: Grand opening of TF Cornerstone's 4615 Center Boulevard
In The House: 150-200 prospective renters and networking brokers; lots of hovering TFC personnel, ready to pounce help you
Dress Code: Suits and cocktail dresses on the real estate pros, more casual attire among prospective renters
Menu: Champagne offered before the elevator up from the lobby, Skinny margaritas, tastings from Blue Streak Wines, meat and veggies on skewers, mini-tacos, lots of cookies and delicious mini-pastries and shots of hyper-caffeinated coffee dessert from Sweetleaf
Music: Totally ambient with intermittent throbbing
Overheard: "Can I get you anything?" "A huge man to take care of those union thugs downstairs."
Gift Bag Contents: Rental application info starter folder, bottled water, wind-proof umbrella
Long Island City is a hotbed of construction activity right now, and the Long Island City neighborhood west of Vernon Boulevard would seem completely unrecognizable to someone from ten years ago. The latest building to rise over Gantry State Park on the East River is 4615 Center Boulevard, on the east side of the boulevard and behind the waterfront's Pepsi-Cola sign. Last night an estimated 150-200 guests crowded the 18th floor—currently occupied by a sales office and model apartments—of the building, which is approximately one-third leased since opening in March. 4615 features studio, 1BR, and 2BR apartments that range from $2,095/month for a studio to $3,470 a month for a 2BR/2BA. The only unhappy people at last night's party were the SEIU union protestors standing outside with their inflatable rat; and they seemed upset about training benefits for workers at a different building, so seemed starved for any audience before packing up and going home at sunset.
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