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Related and Friends Return for Another High Line Tower

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Following up on the recent report of the land rush for new developments around the burgeoning Hudson Yards mega-hood, we direct you to the southwest corner of West 30th Street and Tenth Avenue, where the Related Companies is digging down for a new 33-story residential tower. The architect of record is Ismael Leyva, father of sharp dark glass and futuristic fantasies in Midtown and downtown. Related's development partner at 500 West 30th is Abington Properties; as Crain's reported recently, the project is financed by a $200 million construction loan. When it's done, this new stack of residences will be a neighbor to another new West Chelsea tower set to rise one block south above the gardens in the sky.
Zoning documents filed at the Department of Buildings show an L-shaped 317,000 square foot tower facing onto the expanse of curved benches at the northern end of the High Line. The Schedule A outlines some details, including a basketball court in the basement, the always welcome pet room, and a parking garage for 80 vehicles on the second floor. Up above, 23 residential units will fill each floor on levels 3 through 5. Higher up the tower steps back in off-set setbacks, and way up high, on floors 29 to 32, six roomy units will fill each floor. Images found among Related's latest Hudson Yards renderings show interconnected blocks of brown bricks on the 500 West 30th site, with some expansive terraces overlooking the High Line. From those lofty perches the new construction all around will be on view, and could offer a unique perspective if Jeff Koons' big Train ever pulls into the station.
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500 West 30th Street

500 West 30th Street, New York, NY