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Is This Bond Street Apartment a Good Deal at $1.7M?

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Noho's Bond Street has emerged as one of the most wanted and trendiest stretches in downtown, with the sales numbers to back it up. But what's the buyer with a less than limitless budget who wants a Bond Street address to do? Well, this 1,200 square foot loft at 7 Bond Street might be what you've been looking for. It's certainly not cheap at $1,695,000 but the size, layout, and location are pretty fantastic. The listing photos show the apartment is in quite good condition, and that living room is pretty great in our opinion. The maintenance and taxes come out to just around $1,600 a month, so not too bad on that end either. Do we have a winner over here?

· Listing: 7 Bond Street 5D [Corcoran]