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20 Pine Penthouse Still Pining for Profit, Gets Pricecut Instead

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The buyer of 20 Pine Street's PH50 picked the FiDi penthouse up for just over $2,900,000 back in April of 2009. After a manly makeover, the owner tried to sell it for $4,500,000. That didn't fly and the place saw some up and down fluctuations in asking price. Well, it's back on the market for an all time low of $3,950,000. Is 2,170 square feet of interior space and a big terrace alluring enough to get someone to pony up the dough? Did that little tour of the many amenities in the building not convince you of the building's charms? Help a bro out!

· Listing: 20 Pine Street PH50 [Elliman]

20 Pine Street

20 Pine Street, New York, NY