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Transhistoria Seeks Calm and Peace; Hearing on NYU 2031

JACKSON HEIGHTS—Transhistoria is the third installment of stillspotting NYC. The third chapter features SO - IL (Solid Objectives – Idenburg Liu) in Queens, where the architects "explore how one finds calm and inner peace in a bustling environment such as Jackson Heights."
In Transhistoria, SO – IL dives deeper into transformative personal narratives through a series of stories commissioned from Queens-affiliated writers, including authors such as Roger Sedarat, René Georg Vasicek, Maria Terrone, Erik Baard, Premilla Nadasen, Nicole Steinberg, Alan Briceland, and rappers such as Himanshu Suri & Ashok Kondabolu of Das Racist. Each will create a story about personal transition and finding home in Jackson Heights. During these four weekends in April and May, Jackson Heights storytellers will recount these stories around six neighborhood stillspots as varied as residential, commercial, and public spaces.
Hours are Saturdays and Sundays, April 14–15, 21–22, 28–29, and May 5–6, 11am–7pm with the last tour starting at 5pm. [Guggenheim; previously] FIDI/BATTERY PARK CITY—The City Planning Commission will be holding its only public hearing about NYU's 2031 expansion plan on Wednesday, April 25th at 10am at the Museum of the American Indian at 1 Bowling Green. It's an opportunity for the public to give testimony for or against proposed zoning changes in Greenwich Village that would allow the school's plans to move forward.