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Meatpacking District from Raw to Well Done in Seven Minutes

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Meatpacking District - Past Present Future from The Standard on Vimeo.

This short documentary/promo for the Meatpacking District gives a very brief overview of the neighborhood and its transformation from "disgusting" to one of the city's hottest destinations. Produced by the Meatpacking Improvement Association (MPIA) and the Standard Hotel, the short is chock full of the neighborhood's bold-faced names—from pioneers Florent Morrelet (Florent), Michelle Dell (Hogs & Heifers), and the Meilman family, to hotelier André Balazs and Council Speaker Christine Quinn. David Rabin (Double Seven), a founder member of the MPIA, remembers how he fought to prevent the encroachment of residential development in the area:

"I knew that the moment that someone put million dollar condos within earshot of the cabs, or the trucks from the meatpackers, or the people coming out of bars, or whatever—that this neighborhood would die."
Clearly commercial tenants and residential developers are not always on the same page.
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Gansevoort and Greenwich Streets, New York, NY