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And Then There Was One at 107 Prospect Park West

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In sharp contrast to the years it spent decaying at the peak of Park Slope, 107 Prospect Park West hit the market running and moved four out of five of its units into contract in less than a month after opening the still-being-renovated property to the public. Visitors had to don dust-proof booties into the apartments at 107 PPW to keep construction debris off brand new floors when brokers opened the building to prospective buyers on March 10th. By the first week of April, there is just one apartment remaining—the 4BR/2.5BA duplex whose lower level is on the ground floor and with a second floor living/dining room that overlooks the apartment's private yard. The 2,204 square foot unit is asking $2.65 million after a 15% price jump in late March. The four other (smaller) apartments in the building underwent smaller increases before entering contract.

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107 Prospect Park West

107 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY