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Neighbors Object to Possible Plans for Park Avenue Buildings

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"Where are the usually vocal neighbors!!" a commenter wondered when we speculated that Toll Brothers had purchased 1110 Park Avenue and also had plans to buy its neighbor at 1108. The sale has since closed, with signs still pointing to Toll Bros as the buyer. And here come the vocal neighbors! A tipster tells us Carnegie Hill Neighbors is "asking neighbors to write letters to Landmarks requesting that they expand the historic district from 86 to 96th Street." And the concerns aren't just preservationist ones: word is the residents of 1112 Park, where windows would be blocked by the rumored 15-story Toll project, have hired a lawyer. As for the details of that project, we don't know much, and Toll reps declined to comment. Our tipster tells us the developer has asked the three commercial tenants in the two buildings to move out by July 1. Have more intel? To the tipline or the comments section, if you please.
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1108-1110 Park Avenue

1108-1110 Park Avenue, New York, NY

1110 Park Avenue

1110 Park Avenue, New York, NY