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'Burg Reaches Cranky-Old-Neighbor Stage of Gentrification

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Look, those days of illegal industrial loft occupancies and partying until all hours were fun and all Williamsburg, but it's time to grow up. The industrial waterfront has been rezoned for high-end condos, and owners have to get up pretty damn early to be able to pay their mortgages. That means Kent Avenue is all about rock & roll day care for toddlers, not loud clubs catering to hard partying adults. Neighbors are rallying against a new 300-person club called Williamsburg Manor, fearing noise, traffic and lewd behavior. The arguments for and against a proposed night club at 60 N. 1st Street between Kent and Wythe Avenues:
Anti-club: "Why did the city allow this block to be rezoned for high-end residential units if they're going to let a party venue open up in the center of these residences?"

Pro-club: "This is a commercial area, and when you bought your property you took chances. I am trying to improve this area, not convert it. You should go out more often."

Taking the pro-position is Alexander Dimitrov, who owns Mehanata—"New York City's ultimate multi-national drunken-Balkan disco divebar extravaganza"—on Ludlow Street, and has already started renovating the N. 1st street warehouse, according to The Brooklyn Paper. New condo neighbors who might want to hold their complaints? Residents who bought Factory Lofts at 66 N. 1st after the building hosted an outdoor all-night rager in 2010, allegedly to entice buyers. Community Board 1's liquor license advisory committee already voted against a recommendation to approve the Manor's booze permit, although that decision is up to the State Liquor Authority.
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