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A Long and Narrow Loft with Risk and No Maintenance Fee

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Measuring 22 feet across and more than 200 feet long, this skinny Soho loft is accessed at 16 Crosby Street, but overlooks the bustle of Broadway. The 12-foot ceilings and near floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room let in plenty of light, but head further down the loft and the only light comes from lot line windows. If, for some reason, those windows would have to be bricked up, this would be one dark corridor. For the time being though, the $3.89M loft is a knockout, with an expansive kitchen, glassed-in office, laundry room, master suite, and library. The only awkwardness comes from the entrance, which is almost a block away from the living room. A major plus comes from the building's commercial space, which supplies the co-op with enough income to maintain the building without contributions from shareholders. That's right, there's absolutely no monthly maintenance fee and, according to the brokerbabble, there's even "an annual distribution as a result of considerable commercial income." That's the benefit of tolerating the Broadway noise and crowds.

· 16 Crosby Street 3C [Sotheby's via Streeteasy]