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How Zach Braff, Chloe Sevigny, and Angela Lansbury Decorate

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It's always fun to get a peek at the way celebrities decorate their apartments, and the Spring Design issue of New York Magazine offers peeks into a few different celebs' New York homes. Curbed National points out Zach Braff's "floating barn" in Union Square, above, which Braff's architect created by gutting a 2,600-square-foot property and using old barn wood and other salvaged materials. Chloe Sevigny worked with antiques dealer David Cafiero to give her place a nautical feel.

And then there's Angela Lansbury, who purchased a condo a block south of Central Park in 2006. She's since expanded the 2BR she bought into another studio in the building to accommodate guests, but the decor is still, well, neutral:

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