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Itinerant Renter Always on The Move for Sub-$700 Rent

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Sophia Cosmadopoulos is a modern day pioneer woman. But instead of a Conestoga wagon, the 26-year-old moves with a van or a borrowed car filled with her belongings from outpost to outpost. It's not opportunity she's seeking; it's more like she's running from a relentless tsunami of gentrification and rent increases that keeps driving her farther from Manhattan. Cosmadopoulos is profiled in the Times as someone constantly on the move to live within her rental means, constrained by her current salary and the burden of student loans. The magic number hovers around $625 a month, although she has gone higher and lower in time of escape from water bugs and after solid finds along less-popular subway lines. It's a rootless way to live. "But I’ve always valued what I could get out of New York, more than where I lived."
· As Brooklyn Rents Rise, She Stalks the $625 Apartment [NYT]