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Decoded: The Most 'Nestled' of Apartment Listings

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Welcome back to The Brokerbabble Glossary, where we take a word or a turn of phrase that seems to show up in an unreasonable number of listings and decipher its true meaning. If you have any ideas for us, send them to the tipline. Today's word, courtesy of actual broker Confidence Stimpson: Nestled.

Nestled, in broker-speak, is basically a synonym for located. It's also, somewhat oddly, often used to describe apartments in places that might otherwise be described as bucolic. Perhaps the word 'nestled' reminds brokers of nests, which are usually located in trees, which in turn leads them to associate it with nature? Who knows. By the strictest definition of the word, the above listing comes pretty close to using it correctly. See how that building fits perfectly in between the buildings on either side of it? It's nestled right in there.

By the strictest definition of the word, this listing is the worst usage of 'nestled' possible. You can't nestle in a sprawling lawn, unless you're an earthworm.

Okay, we may have spoken too soon when we said that the "nestled in sprawling lawns" was the worst usage possible. This place is nestled under the foliage? Does that mean you need to dig your way out every morning? And how does one nestle around something, anyway?

Nestled in Natured sounds like the name of a really terrible band with three bongo players.
?Jeremiah Budin
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