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Big Reveal: 2BR With a Sliver of Central Park View for $1.9M

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A view of Central Park—no matter how askance—still wows every time. Of the 14 guesses in this week's Pricespotter contest, only one undershot the actual asking price of $1,895,000 for the 2BR/2BA Penthouse B at 57 West 58th Street. The average guess ($2.2 million) was 16% above the asking price, and there was a steady progression of guesses straight up the ladder to $2.7 million. There were a few complaints about the deck included on the floor plan: "Inside is nice and bright, but you should note that the 'outside' space is only semi-private. It resembles a terrace, but it's really a fire escape deck overlooking a back alley. You don't own it if you buy the place, although you can make use if it." And others didn't relish the prospect of Peeping Tom neighbors with the angled windows around the edge of the building. But overall the guesses communicated a very positive vibe towards the apartment; or the place is just underpriced. Thanks for playing!
· 57 West 58th Street, PHB [Corcoran via StreetEasy]
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