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Neither Little Nor Pink Houses for Ryan and Mellencamp

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Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp are house-hunting in Tribeca and were seen checking out a few high profile residences—both having swimming pools with varying degrees of privacy. The more modest of the two residences was a 3B/3.5BA at 51 Walker Street. The 3,200 square foot home was once rented by Leonardo Dicaprio, according to the Post, and is asking $5.25 million. The private 1,800 square foot garden with a swimming pool is nice, except when privacy includes a few dozen windows that look down onto one's sunbathing activities. For real privacy, one has to drop about $15 million more dollars on a place like the Marble House at 60 Collister Street. That 9,200 square foot townhouse in the old AmEx stables has 6BRs/5+BAs, and is now listing at just a shade under $20 million. Its pool is indoors and completely private.

51 Walker Street

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