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Good News for Real Estate Voyeurs: StreetEasy Property Pages

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Friends, it's a great day to be a real estate obsessive. The folks at StreetEasy have just unveiled a new set of features that makes the lives of NYC apartment-hunters?and nosy neighbors?easier. We took the updated site for a spin, and so far our favorite feature is the fact that there's a page for every individual apartment, even if it isn't and hasn't been on the market. The pages contain listing data (where it exists), mortgage information from ACRIS, and DOB filings. The site's search feature also now includes an option to search for listings with tax abatements by date of expiration. The StreetEasy folks tell us they envision a few uses for the data: tracking a property one wants to buy, even if it's not yet up for sale, finding a lender who's done deals successfully in a particular building, and figuring out the extent of a neighbor's potentially noisy renovations, for example.

There is one downside: some of the new features are available only to folks with insider memberships to the site. All site users will be able to see the new sales, rentals, and documents tabs and the individual property pages. Only insiders have access to additional data in those sections and are able to save property pages. But good news for outsiders hoping to become insiders: we're giving away a StreetEasy insider account, good for one year.

To win the insider pass, send us the worst NYC real estate listing you can find, on StreetEasy or elsewhere. What counts as the worst? We'll take hideous photos, incomprehensible brokerbabble, bizarre floorplans, or anything else you judge to be bad almost beyond belief. Send all submissions to The winners may make an appearance on this site.
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