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50 Varick Getting Makeover, Readying For Close-ups

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[Photo of 50 Varick under construction from Curbed reader Curbed Tips]

Like an ugly duckling undergoing a summertime makeover in order to return to school as one of the popular kids, 50 Varick is in the process of going from a Tribeca Verizon building afterthought to a model-magnet photo studio with a roof top made to throw parties. The architects are Adjmi & Andreoli, who are turning the Verizon building at 50 Varick into a U.S. outpost for London-based Spring Studios. The renovated building will feature 11 studios photo, 9 green rooms, a signature restaurant, bar, an art gallery, a small movie theater, library, offices, 20,000 square foot roof green roof deck, lighting and equipment rental, and event spaces.
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50 Varick Street

50 Varick Street, New York, NY