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Windermere West End Reveals $13,000/Month Rentals

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The Upper West Side's Windermere (not to be confused with the building of the same name in Hell's Kitchen) is a stealthy one. Stellar Management and AORE Holdings paid $68 million for the building last year and gave it a quiet but somewhat extensive upgrade that's only just now been revealed in the Daily News. So what are we lookin' at? The conversion process is still underway, but 170 out of the 300 apartments in the building are getting makeovers in a process that, because of the existing tenants, one developer describes as "like performing open-heart surgery on someone who is awake." Yeesh. Reps passed along a few more images and renderings of the renovated spaces, and we tossed a few floorplans from the Windermere West End's official site into the gallery above. Bonus: people who actually look like scalies.
A picture's generally worth 1,000 words, but in this case, there are some aspects of the building's er, vibe, that are better conveyed by the brokerbabble:

Baths are decidedly hot — aesthetically and literally — with dramatic floating vanities, high-end fixtures, eye catching accents and heated tile floors. The oversized custom mirror reflects your style and sensibility. You’re never one to settle. At Windermere West End, you don’t have to. Building reps tell the Daily News they've already rented three-to-five-bedroom apartments for $10,000 to $16,000/month. StreetEasy shows 22 other rental listings, ranging from $2,340/month for a studio to $13,200/month for a four-bedroom. Big numbers, aesthetically and literally.
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Windermere West End

666 West End Avenue, New York, NY